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Bridgeport V320 5F

Bridgeport’s innovative technology provides superior accuracy, repeatability, a large load rating, stable accuracy, high rigidity and low friction optimum for small to medium parts.

V320 5F 
Spindle HP30 HP (22kW)
Spindle Speed10,000 rpm (12,000/15,000 Option)
Travels: X,Y,Z20.08″ x 24.01″ x 20.08″ (510 mm x 610 mm x 510 mm)”
Working Surface24.8″ (630 mm)
Spindle TaperNo. 40 BIG-PLUS
Tool Changer30 Tools
Control TypeMitsubishi M80
Approx Machine Weight16,050 lbs (7,280 kg)
Floor Space144.22″ x 118.12″ x 125.40″ (3,663 mm x 3,000 mm x 3,185 mm)”
Bridgeport V320 5F
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