FANUC ROBODRILL α-DiB Plus series Standard version

High-Speed, High-Precision and High-Efficiency Compact Machining Center

The FANUC ROBODRILL α-DiB Plus series (Standard version/Advanced version) is high-speed, high-precision and high-efficiency Compact Machining center with spindle taper size of No.30.

Advanced version has achieved both the expansion of working area and further reduction of cycle time by its renewed mechanical structure.

Standard version

α-D21SiB5 Plus
α-D14SiB5 Plus
α-D21SiB Plus
α-D14SiB Plus

α-D21MiB5 Plus
α-D14MiB5 Plus
α-D21MiB Plus
α-D14MiB Plus

α-D21LiB5 Plus
α-D14LiB5 Plus
α-D21LiB Plus
α-D14LiB Plus

 Travel [mm]Control unit
Tool storage capacity28 toolsα-D28MiB5ADV Plusα-D28LiB5ADV Plus Y500Series 31i-B5 Plus
21 toolsα-D21SiB5ADV Plusα-D21MiB5ADV Plusα-D21LiB5ADV Plus Y500
14 toolsα-D14SiB5ADV Plusα-D14MiB5ADV Plusα-D14LiB5ADV Plus Y500
28 toolsα-D28MiBADV Plusα-D28LiBADV Plus Y500Series 31i-B Plus
21 toolsα-D21SiBADV Plusα-D21MiBADV Plusα-D21LiBADV Plus Y500
14 toolsα-D14SiBADV Plusα-D14MiBADV Plusα-D14LiBADV Plus Y500
FANUC ROBODRILL α-DiB Plus series Standard version
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