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Hardinge CNC Turning Machine Super Precision T-42

Spindle HP15 HP (11 kW)(30 min.)
Spindle Speed6,000 RPM
Chuck Size6″ (150 mm)
Max. Machining Length14.2″ (360.7 mm)
Max. Machining Diameter8.91″ (226.3 mm)
Bar Size1.625″ (42 mm)
No. Turret Stations16 Station (BMT-45)
CNC Control UnitFANUC 31i
Approx. Machine Weight13,100 lbs (5,940 kg)
Floor Space98″ x 83.5″ x 82.25″
(2,489 mm x 2,121 mm x 2,089 mm)
Hardinge CNC Turning Machine Super Precision T-42

Controls Features

Controls Features
Pendent-mounted Full Control
10.4” LCD Display
Graphic Display
Embedded Ethernet
RS-232C Communication Ports
Program Resolution .00001” (.0001mm)• Tool Offset Capability .00001” (.0001mm)• Tool Offsets with Geom/Wear (99)o Tool Offsets with Geom/Wear (200/400)• Absolute Encoders• Inch/Metric Selection by G-Code• 160 Meters (64Kbyte) Part Program Storage
Part Program Storage (128/256/512KB, 1/2/4MB

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