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HIGHSUN HXH160 HXH high-speed injection molding machine

High quality features

HIGHSUN thin-wall high speed IMM series is based on years of experiment and researching,specifically for the molding cycle is short,high speed injection molding requirement products,Outstanding performance in the aspects of motion characteristics,machine precision,sevice life and so on.Widely used in packaging,medical and 3C electronic products.

Parameter / Model

Screw Diameter (mm) 45
Screw L/D Ratio (L/D) 20
Injection Weight (g) 268
Injection Pressure (Mpa) 187
Injection Velocity (mm/s) 220
Plasticzing Capacity (g/s) 40
Screw Speed (rpm) 400
Clamping Force (KN) 1600
Moving Mould-Plate Stroke (mm) 420
Max. Mould Height (mm) 530
Min. Mould Height (mm) 150
Space bwtween Tie-Bars (WH) (mm) 520470
Hydraulic Ejector Force (KN) 76
Hydraulic Ejector Stroke (mm) 130
Ejector Number (n) 5
Pump Pressure (MPa) 17.5
Motor / Driving Power (KW) 37
Heating Capacity (KW) 13.55
Machine Diamension (LWH), (m) 5.371.501.80
Machine Weight (t) 7.0
Oil Tank Capacity (L) 280

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