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HIGHSUN HXM1100-PVC PVC injection molding machine

HIGHSUN PVC fitting machine, clamping force:218-1100T
1.Adopt the special design of screw & barrel for PVC material, install the air fan for cooling barrel to avoid the material overheating and coking;

  1. Increased bigger grade oil motor to facilitate PVC raw material plasticizing and molding;

3.Extended width of security door for making PVC fitting mould with better installation, to suit PVC fitting molds (core puller cylinder) installation convenience;

4.Supply with special technical solution for PVC injection, not only modify the screw & barrel like others, but also the special solution with complete hydraulic system and injection unit.

Injection Unit  
Screw diametermm120
Screw L/D ratioL/D20.2
Injection capacity in theorycm³6333
Injection weight(PVC)g7600
Injection pressureMPa150
Injection rateg/s1123
Plasticizing capacityg/s134
Screw speedrpm110
Clamping Unit  
Clamping forceKN11000
Moving mould-plate strokemm1220
Max.Mould heightmm1170
Min.Mould heightmm450
Space between tie-barsmm1160×1160
Hydraulic ejector forceKN245
Hydraulic ejector strokemm320
Ejector numbern21
Pump pressureMPa16
Motor/Driving powerKW30×3
Heating capacityKW68.85
Machine dimensionm12.55×3.25×3.5
Machine weightt56.3
Oil tank capacityL2000
HIGHSUN HXM1100-PVC PVC injection molding machine
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