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HIGHSUN HXYD-430 HXYD Hybrid Injection Molding Machine

HXYD hybrid series of injection molding machine is a new solution for high-end packing industry, high-end household wares and medical suppliers industry, which was reserching and developing on base of fully-electric (injection speed:500mm/s ,start producing since 2009) and highspeed series(start to producing since 2012), combined with the clamping unit of high-speed series and injection unit of fullly -electric series , considerated with both of energy saving and environment protection . it satisfies the needs of stronger clamping force and higher performace of injection unit , provide more energy saving and higher efficience (simulaneously mold opening and charging).
Product introduction
1 Modular injection Unit with Excellent Acceleration Performance
2 High-stiffness Clamping Unit for High-speed machine
3 Hydraulic System with High Response and low Noise
4 Optimized Control syestem Excellent in Response and Accuration for Hybrid Machine


Screw Diameter (mm) 60
Screw L/D Ratio (L/D) 20
Injection Volume in Theory (cm³) 791
Injection Weight (g) 720
Injection Pressure (bar) 1800
Injection Speed (mm/s) 400
Screw Speed (r/min) 400
Clamping Tonnage (kN) 4300
Stroke Distance (mm) 690
Max. Mold Thickness (mm) 780
Min Mold Thickness (mm) 280
Tie-bar Distance (mm) 760×710
Ejector Force (kN) 197
Ejector Stroke (mm) 180
Pump Pressure (MPa) 17.5
Motor Power (kW) 45+23+232 Heating Power (KW) 20.3 Machine Dimension (m) 7.361.84*2.05
Machine Weight (t) 17.5

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