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Hydraulic Chucks

Chandox is one of the largest power chuck manufacturers here in Taiwan. Chandox Chucks offer a great level of precision,
product quality, and durability.

Power Chuck Selection Guide

ModelJaw NumbersThrough HoleSpecial Features
OP3 JawYesStandard Design
OP-L3 JawYesLong Stroke (Wedge Hook)
OPB3 JawYesExtra Large Through Hole
EL3 JawYesExtra Large Stroke (Crank Style)
CL3 JawNoStandard Design
CL-DP3 JawNoLarge Size Chuck
VL-DP3 JawNoVertical Lathe Application
PL3 JawNoPull Back and Close
OPT2 JawYesStandard Design
OPBT2 JawYesExtra Large Through Hole
OPT-L2 JawYesLong Stroke (Wedge Hook)
ELT2 JawYesExtra Large Stroke (Crank Style)
CLT2 JawNoStandard Design
OPF4 JawYesStandard Design
OPBF4 JawYesExtra Large Through Hole

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