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Takamaz XY series

Takamaz XYT-51 [6 inch]

φ51 Through-hole, BMT45 typeφ65 Through-hole, BMT55 type
Chuck sizeCollet, 6Collet, 8inch
SpindleSpindle bearing I.D.φ100φ85φ120φ100mm
Spindle speedMax. 5,000Max. 4,000min-1
Tool postType12-station Turret 24st. BMT4512-station Turret 24st. BMT55
Max.strokeX1:162.5 Z1:500 Y:±35 X2:170 Z2:500 A:550X1:162.5 Z1:500 Y:+40-35 X2:170 Z2:500 A:550mm
Rapid traverse rateX:18 Z:30 Y:12 A:30m/min
Power toolsTool storage capacity12pcs.
Rotation speed4,000min-1
Capabilitiesφ13 M12φ20 M16mm
Spindle motorAC18.5 / 15 / 11AC11 / 7.5 / 5.5AC18.5 / 15 / 11AC9 / 7.5 / 5.5kW
W × L2,988×2,1633,000×2,163mm
ControllerTAKAMAZ & FANUC 32i-B
Item【Loader specifications】AbilityUnit
Workpiece diameter (Reference)φ60mm
Workpiece length (Reference)60mm
Max. load capacity1.5 (5.0 Opt.)kg
Rapid traverse rateX:30 Y:80 Z:100m/min

※The length depends on the workpiece diameter. If the workpiece weighs more than the above, it cannot be loaded, even within the size range described.

Takamaz XY-120 PLUS [6 inch]

Main spindleSub spindle
Chuck sizeCollet, 6Collet, 5inch
SpindleSpindle bearing I.D.φ85 (100 Opt.)φ65mm
Spindle speedMax5,000 (4,000 Opt.)Max5,000min-1
Tool postType12-station turret, 24ST
Max.strokeX1:150 Z1:330 Y:±35 X2:150 Z2:440mm
Rapid traverse rateX1:18 Z1:24 Y:12 X2:18 Z2:18m/min
Power toolsTool storage capacity12
Rotation speed4,000min-1
Capabilitiesφ13 M8mm
Spindle motorAC7.5 / 5.5 (AC11 / 7.5 Opt.)AC5.5 / 3.7kW
W × L2,630×1,950mm
ControllerTAKAMAZ & FANUC 0i-TD
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