Machine ToolsWirecut Machine

Wirecut Machine Model DK7725Z

Table Size (WxD) 400×580 mm
Table Travel (XxY) 250×320 mm
Table Travel (UxV) 60×60 mm
Max Workpiece weight 400 kg
Max thickness of workpiece 400 mm
Max taper angle ±6°/80 mm
Diameter of Molybdenum ∅0.15-∅0.2(recommend ∅0.18) mm
Max wire feed rate 1∼11.4/7 (Adjustable) m/sec
Machining precision ≤0.015 mm
Max machine speed ≥200 mm2/min
Surface roughness Ra≤2.5 μm
Motor type X,Y,U,V axis : stepper motor drive
Axis controlled 4 axis simultaneous
Min control pace 0.001 mm
Power supply 3N-380V/50Hz
Max working current 12 A
Power consumption 1 kW
Working liquid Recommend RK-1 or JR3A
Water tank 55 L
Filtering mode Filter screen
Controller DQE-DS-03
Machine weight 1100 kg
Machine Dimensions 1420x1040x1700 mm

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